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Tulip Academy has offered themselves in the service of building up student's career and giving them a bright future. This is a coaching academy giving lessons in Life Science, Biochemistry and Biotechnology. It gives us immense pleasure to be a part of progress of the students and giving them the right knowledge. Today with advancement in science and technology every second day evolution and discoveries are made in these fields. Tulip Academy makes sure all the current changes are included in our courses so that we can make our students run parallel with the current happenings.

Having more than 165+ members, the academy is dedicated in presenting 56+ courses and has 44+ teachers who are ready to help you with all your queries. Tulip Academy has got students from over 15+ countries making it one of the most popular coaching academies. Our courses are of high demand among students.


  • Learning online 100%
  • Learn everything you want
  • Learn from top expert
  • Get success in your life

Why Tulip Academy

Often it becomes impossible to squeeze out time from our busy schedule though it may be for our own good. Attending back to back classes and then different tuition, it leaves very less time in our student's life. On top of it if to learn something you have to again join an academy and travel all way to get classes it will be hectic. To reduce all these hurdles, you can always opt for Tulip Academy.

  • You can take up the course without having to travel anywhere. 90% of the lessons are available in videos.
  • The curriculum is well structured and maintained. The teachers are experts in their field with years of experience and valuable knowledge.
  • The learning interface is user friendly with beautiful mobile APP. You will get updated information and will get to learn everything that you want.
  • You get a chance to interact with other students and enrich your learning process.

It is guaranteed that if you take up a course with Tulip Academy, you will not regret later.

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